Sunday, May 7, 2017

Monday Teaser

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“No wait!” James pointed at Amelia's prone body. “Take her instead. She’s a virgin and I give her to you as a sacrifice.”
The beast materialized back to his solid form. He looked down, curiosity in his eyes. Her stepfather screeched a malicious laughter, “You want to fuck her don’t you?”
The demon glared back at him and snarled. “Why would I take an innocent, when you are more worthy of Hell?”
Isabella's stepfather shook all over. She saw his rage and fears culminate into a volatile eruption of insanity. “Damn you! How can you deny her? A pure soul is stronger than a stained one! I know your kind makes bargains to break bargains all the time, you fucking bastard!”
In a blinding motion, the beast held her stepfather by the neck and dangled him in midair. Damn, he was tall. Isabella's insides twisted and her pulse quickened.
She screamed.
The demon ignored her, focusing with deadly intent on James. “She is not a virgin!” he roared at James's face, “You try to make a fool out of me!”
Shock masked her stepfather’s face a second before the angry demon tightened his grip and made him sputter for air.
“What? Hey y-you c-can’t t-touch me...”
James’s voice was very strained and barely audible, but Isabella was close enough to hear what they said.
The demon threw his head back and bellowed a sinister laugh. “Pathetic fool!” He grinned devilishly. “Don't you know that you never call a demon without proper safeguards to contain him?”
He laughed again, “Silly fucker, you summoned me inside your protective circle!” He looked James in the eye and shook his head. “I'm shocked you conjured me the first time without an incident.” The tone of his voice was dry and mocking.
Isabella nearly laughed at the “duh” expression that slowly settled over her stepfather's face. The demon was right. He was pathetic. The beast rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically. Then to Isabella's surprise, he dropped James and turned to leave once again. The stunned and humiliated man landed on his ass. However, he still tried to bargain with the unimpressed demon.
“Wait, what about the girl? C'mon, you want her, don't you? All I want is another sixty or eighty years! C'mon, look at her!”
James's whiny, desperate voice sickened her. Good Lord, could he be any more of a weasel? Her attention turned back to their demonic guest. He had stopped and his shoulders stiffened. He turned around slowly and glanced down at Amelia, who rolled into a fetal position, crying and trembling.
What would happen if the demon took her sister? He seemed to consider it. His eyes got brighter red, and he licked his lips, looking down at her sobbing sister.
Isabella had to do something. She had to stop this and save her sister. She could not let Amelia suffer for her selfishness, her stupidity.
Isabella noticed the demon's expression turn to lustful wanting the longer he stared at her sibling. He reached down and ran a hand through Amelia's pale-blonde hair. His face softened, and he uttered a low groan.
“I can--”
Isabella crawled to kneel at the demon's feet and interrupted the demon before he could say another word. “Take me! I’m a virgin!” She clasped her hands to her chest. “Spare her, take me!"  The demon froze and looked down at Isabella. She held his gaze, trying with every fiber of her being not to flinch. His shocked expression stunned her. 
He pointed at James and his incredulous eyes focused on her. “You offer yourself to save this pathetic excuse of living meat?”
His once reverberated voice seemed human now. The astonishment in it gave Isabella some hope that he considered her offer seriously. She found it difficult to look away from his piercing eyes.
He captivated her. She felt both fear and curiosity, staring at his otherworldly handsome face. She slowly nodded. He licked his lips traveling his eyes over her body. Trickling warmth ran down her lower abdomen, making her nether regions tingle. The demon turned for a moment to her stepfather and hissed. Then, he wrapped an arm around her waist and picked her up as if she weighed nothing at all.
An instant later, she was in Hell.

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