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Soulmate's Touch

Her quest for love carried her into the arms of - a gargoyle! A a hot new approach to paranormal erotic romance. Romiel is a gargoyle, an offspring of a Demon father and Vampire mother. Cursed by a powerful human wizard, Romiel and all Gargoyles are imprisoned in stone. And only the touch of his true Soulmate can free him. The moment that Joyce touches Romiel, she knows there is a strong bond between them. Although she tries to justify why loving a Gargoyle is wrong, her heart, soul and body refuse to listen. Together she and Romiel face an uncertain future, as evil forces are unleashed on the unsuspecting humans. In the midst of an ancient war, Romiel must unite with an old enemy in order to protect the human race against certain annihilation. As their love for each other grows stronger, Joy and Romiel must face evil head on to save humanity and the Gods themselves.

Will the power of Damien and Elise's love be enough to stop an evil schemer from from conquering both Earth and Hell? For reasons of his own, the wicked Grand Duke DeMumart has selected Elise to be the King's bride. But first, Elise, a poor miller’s daughter, must prove her worth to the King by living up to her father's boasts and performing a number of impossible tasks, including spinning straw into gold. If she fails, she dies. Meanwhile Elise’s father seeks the help of the legendary Lord Damien Dontaleone of Darkhaven castle. Rumored to be a demon, Damien has been cursed by another demon to remain behind the walls of Darkhaven castle for eternity, unless he can say the True name of the demon that cursed him. Unfortunately, part of the curse is that he is unable to speak the name let alone remember it. At first Damien reject’s the Millers request. Then he catches a glimpse Elise is intrigued by her. He summons her to him and gives her the power to complete all the tasks Duke DeMumart sets for her. With each new task, Damien and Elise begin to realize that there is much more between them then a simple bargain. In return, she must submit to bondage and become Damien's slave. Elise, although frightened of Damien at first, begins to see the tortured soul beneath his tough exterior. For the first time in centuries, Damien has hope that with Elise’s help he might finally break the curse. Elise and Damien soon hat DeMumart plans on overthrowing Hell with his army of demon-possessed humans and killing Lucien, the ruler of Hell and all the nether-realms, who happens to be Damien’s father. Will the power of Damien and Elise's love be enough to break the curse and stop DeMumart?

On Corbin's world women are desperately needed as Breeding-mates to keep his race from extinction. Having been betrayed by his former Breeder, Corbin has given up on ever having another Breeding-mate in his life.
On one of his trips to the hedonistic planet Azuri, Corbin runs into Princess Yani, a beautiful woman who calls to him in a way he can not understand.

Princess Yani hates her life, and the man she is being forced to marry for the sake of politics.

Fleeing the nuptial feast, Yani runs straight into one of the planet's most popular dives, where sex and sensuality abound. There she meets Corbin and sparks fly. One night of bliss in which he takes complete possession of her seems to offer the possibilitu for escape from her marriage - until Yani learns Corbin's deepest, darkest secrets and needs. Needs she isn't sure she can fulfill.

Can Yani and Corbin find love together, or will Fate tear them apart, dooming each to to a dull, lonely existence?

Kaden has waited twelve long years to finally claim a Breeder of his own. Breeders are a necessity that the Dregs do not take lightly. Without them, his species would eventually die out. The moment he sees Carina ascend from the Mantra’s vessel, he must have her. However, Carina’s selection for the Galactic Governing Council’s Breeder policy was done illegally. A third party is responsible for Carina’s abduction and her fate is much for a more sinister reason. It is demanded that she be returned to the Mantra for “re-assignment”.  Kaden will never give her up without a fight, even if it means an intergalactic war with a fearsome and powerful enemy.  A rowdy erotic science fiction novel with a BDSM twist!  If you like your hot erotica spiced with imaginative science fiction, including alien abductions, then this is the book for you - and Emma Paul is just the writer you've been waiting for!

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